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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Web Services

Our SOA Web Services approach is to: 

  • Rationalize Enterprise integration
  • Enable new breeds of process driven applcations
  • Re-use existing services to build new value

Our SOA Web Services Strategy:

 relies heavily on standards to ease system connectivity and preserve investment

  • Standard data format
  • Standard interface definitions
  • Standard wire protocols
  • Standard security Protocol  

 Pain-Points Solved by our SOA Web Services

  • Stove-Piped, Heterogeneous Environment
  • Monolithic Applications
  • No agility & System Responsiveness
  • Mobile & COTS Unfriendly
  • It hard to adapt to changing business requirements
  • Duplication of functionality & data - higher IT development/maintenance cost, increased workforce cost and decreased productivity
  • Small fixes require large investments

Benefits to our SOA Services 

Simplified Integration

  • Connect disparate applications quickly by creating standardized services
  • Security
  • Administration
  • Enable Runtime Changes

Increase Reuse

  • Standards-based plug and play
  • Meet user demands more quickly

Real-time event processing for monitoring, analyzing, and acting on business process optimization

SOA/BPM enable collaboration between business and IT

Rules Enables Applications

Easier Maintainability

Total Visibility

Greater Agility

Reduced Risk

Best ROI




Scrum Process

Our SOA Web services relies heavily on the scrum process which uses a controlled environment in which changes are accommodated in support of Agile processes. 

Quality, efficiency and productivity are increased using design patterns, standards and governance procedures. 

Design patterns such as reusability, scalability, and abstraction provide flexible and adaptable systems. 

Agile methods enable a more incremental and interactive development lifecycle allowing our clients to get/give faster feedback from/to IT. 

Supports the continuous business-IT cycle that is needed to allow businesses to set up strategies aligned with IT.