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Full Life Cycle Software Development


Our software development team is with you from inception/architecture through implementation and on into maintenance.

“LingaTech also the primary vendor supporting our enterprise system… This system handles all our client information, their sites, facilities, items licensed, permitted, or authorized, inspection and compliance data, bonding, and various payment information. Being the key, enterprise system, it integrates with many other systems in varying environments (.Net, Java, GIS, other Oracle). LingaTech performs key developer, analysis, coding, testing, quality assurance, production releases, and overall planning and support for this system. 

LingaTech pretty much provides services in all levels of IT development. They also get involved in assisting us with key architecture decisions and have been involved with our (Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule) CROMERR compliance and data exchange projects with …. (a federal agency). The bottom line is that we highly rely on LingaTech. “-  Commonwealth Agency Solutions Manager

Software Development Technologies


• Oracle (entire suite)

• SOA Technologies

• Microsoft .Net


• Big data

• Tableau


• OnBase

We provide services for the entire life cycle of a software system development including the following areas:    

  • Create reusable, agile innovative software solutions – A focus of our company is to make sure that the solutions created for our client are agile and scalable where possible,
  • Business process flow definition and documentation,
  • Requirements definition, gathering, and technical documentation,
  • Project management (project planning, management, organization and task & performance tracking, assessments, reports)
  • Software Architecture and design including ERDS, data flow diagrams, functional specifications, design standard requirements, etc., that follow our guiding principles of agile, reusable, cost effective and extensively validated and tested
  • Software development
  • Software assessment and testing using software process assessments; software stress testing; software capability evaluations; software validation and verification; quality assurance test cases; and quality assurance testing.
  • Software Implementation
  • Software Security
  • User Support – helpdesk, change control management, RFS request processing and delivering, bug tracking, and troubleshooting,
  • Software Training – Curriculum Development, User Guides, Train the Trainer and End User Training.
  • Software enhancement, performance improvement, and modernization as technology grows.