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                                     DATA SERVICES

                    Data Transformation & Accessibility


Is your organization wasting time & resources due to data challenges such as:

  • Difficulty in accessing and managing enterprise data in silos and various technologies?
  • Cannot access data in mobile and web apps?
  • Duplicate data entry in various apps?

LingaTech ‘s unique data transformation process modernizes legacy applications for data accessibility, big data, cloud, mobile, social and application integration without a full rebuild (no rip and replace).



Leverage Legacy Data Source 

  • Connect all existing data sources
  • Build adaptor to make data accessible
  • Retaining legacy system investment
  • Reduce time to market

Agile, Abstract Data Layer Development

  • All data sources transparent and accessible

Aggregate Data

  • Combine duplicate data entry into one data set

Increased Future Capabilities

  • Leverage new technologies such as SOA, API management, mobile, and cloud

Combine with LingaTech’s Mobile App Services to improve user experience and Data Analytical Services to leverage business intelligence



  • Build enterprise API layer for data transparency

  • Create adapters for each data source

  • Aggregate & Integrate Data

  • Accessibility to all legacy data

  • Web and Mobile enablement