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Is Your Data working for you?

Data is fast becoming the single most important asset at most organizations. Collecting and processing data is becoming more challenging as the volume, variety, and velocity of data increases. LingaTech’s unique Data Analytics Services will generate new insights to improve your business.


Unique, Base Data Analytical Stack Implementation and Customization

  • Rapid deployment of data analytics capability
  • Build on Big Data Open-Source Platforms
  • Implementation available both on-premise and in cloud (AWS, Azure Platforms)
  • Easily customizable to your organization’s business needs and Legacy IT infrastructure

Data Analytical Models


  • Collect & transform enterprise (structured and unstructured) data in one place for real-time analytics
  • Build advanced analytical models using Python, R, SPARK at scale to generate: 
  •            Rapid insights for business     effectiveness
  •               Predictive and prescriptive insights using advanced machine learning techniques
  •             State-of-art visualization techniques providing actionable insights, faster
  • Data Governance framework and deployment across enterprise


*Core Data Analytical Stack

  • Built in Big Data platforms - Hadoop open source stack both on-premises and in cloud (AWS, Azure Platforms)
  • Provide enterprises with enormous compute and storage capabilities at 1/10th traditional cost structure

*Stack Customization

  • Accelerated big data deployments using hybrid cloud architectures 

*Legacy Data Transformation

Coupled with LingaTech’s Data Transformation and Accessibility Service your enterprise legacy data is rapidly integrated, made transparent and accessible without no rip and replace.

*Data Analytical Models

  • Descriptive Analysis – Connect all data assets into engaging 360 views
  • Predictive Analysis – Use machine learning models to forecast business cycles and enhance data driven decisions
  • Prescriptive Analysis – Actionable and timely insights every day, effectively improving while reducing waste and saving costs 
  • Data Governance – Build a data governance framework to improve data quality, data security and self-service analytics in your organization